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                                                    A REVOLUTION IN SLIMMING



The lapex BCS2000 uses a 658nm cold low level laser to specifically target the adipocytes and break them down  into their primary constituents – Free fatty acids, water and glycerol. The laserlipo machine scientifically created and designed to reduce levels of unwanted fat without surgery, offers a non-invasive slimming and body contouring treatment, the technology has undergone thorough testing and is completely safe with no side effects – just one single session of laserlipo removes over 400 calories from the fat cells.

Laser paddles are placed over the problem areas. The laser beams penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach the layers of fat. After 4 minutes of laser exposure, 80% of the fat is released from the adipose cells. After 6 minutes, 99% of fat is released. Following a rapid chain of events, the “debris” is passed into circulation where it undergoes a dilution process and is flushed out of the body by natural metabolic process.


Ideal for Salons, Beauty Clinics and Health Spa’s

With recent growth in the body contouring market, this is the right time to add this revolutionary technology to your business. Offering a strong return on investment, the lipolaser is a great addition to any clinic with more and more patients seeking non-invasive alternatives to surgical procedures.




For further information and appointments, please contact:

Nela Pereira 011-4321421 / 0823304601 / Email
Eddy Costa 011-4321421 / Email

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